Frequently Asked Questions

Candidates FAQ

Do you charge any fees to candidates?

No, we never charge any fees to our candidates. We have clients for that, and we suggest you avoid such recruiters who charge their candidates. Also, learn about job frauds and unethical recruitment practices before working with any recruiter.

Are you an equal opportunity provider?

Yes, we provide equal opportunities to our candidates. We never discriminate based on race, color, gender, ethnicity, age, religion, pregnancy, or marital status. All we consider is your talent, knowledge, personality, compatibility, and skills while recruiting and staffing.

How to work with you?

We suggest you register with us if you are on a job hunt so we can easily find you and contact you when a suitable job arrives. Also, keep visiting our website to check out and apply for our latest jobs and connect with us on our social media pages for every new update.

How long does it take to get a job offer?

We always keep in touch with our clients and contact new employers on behalf of our candidates, and if they want us to help them out with any current vacancies, they share the briefs with us. Once the brief is shared, we start working on it to recruit and recommend candidates that match the brief. After that, it’s on our clients if and when they want to interview the recommended candidates.

Why specifically marketing, creative and digital?

We are passionate about the diverse and dynamic fields of marketing, creative and digital, and to be more accurate and specialized in the work that we offer to our clients and candidates alike.

What if I'm also working with other recruiters?

We never mind how many recruiters you are contacting, but we recommend working with only the best 2-3 out there who have good reputations in the job market. Because the more recruiters you work with can harm your credibility if all of them that a client is working with share the same profile.